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The Time “The Forgotten Law”



“One can fill its rooms with precious and pleasant goods by science.”

For mind, soul and body, the LAW given by God is this : the strength is the result of the efforts. The exercise develops. In harmony with this law, God took care that in His word to be means of mental and spiritual emancipation.
Through the diversity of styles and subjects, the Bible has got something to attract the interest of each mind and call each heart. In her pages, there is the oldest history, the most real biographies, principles of gouverning a state, financial administration- which have never been achieved by the human mind. She contains the deepest philosophy, the most delicate and permanent poetry, the most accurate and integrative passion. The biblical writings are superior to all human masterpieces, despite the controversies; but when they are connected with the central thought, they have the highest horizon.

From the light of this idea, each subject acquiers a new signification.There are principles in the simple truth told , the mark of heaven and eternity. ( pages 110,112 )

(Education, page: 110,112)