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The Time of “Love”

The rational base of true love. Love is a feeling so sacred so few people know it. It is used but misunderstood. There is not love or concept neither the flame or the passion. The true love has got a rational base on knowing the person one loves. But this personal storm built on feelings and thoughts is irrational, fragile, strong, short and sensual.
Don`t forget that love what comes from the impuls is totally blind. It concerns childish thoughts. Order this love to cease, to freeze. Instead, meditate. Can you be proud of the chosen one, when you think of intelligence, moral values, behavior and manners in fron of your family? Can you recognize in society and anywhere that she is the your chosen whose manners, presence and communication will fulfill your dreams?
(“Testimonies about sexual behaviour, adultery and divorce”, pages 13,14)


The true values of The Authentic Love have been forgotten, neglected in our society.

This is the main reason why we decided to make a time for the frame values to start a good, friendly relantionship that leads to marriage.