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The inhabitans of Craiova invited to donate blood

Community- Delia Patru ( article from www.gds.ro )
The campaign of blood donation organized at the end of this week goes on. The inhabitans of Craiova are invited to take part today at the action organized at the Student House of Culture from Banie.
The schedule of donation is between 8pm and 14 pm. To donate blood a person must accomplish some conditions:to be aged between 18-65 years old, to be rested, not use fats and alcohol before 72 hours not to use fats and alcohol before 72 hours, not to smoke or use drugs, not have been travelling abroad in the last three months, not to have had a surgical interventions in the last 6-12 months, to have given blood at least once before the age of 45 and after that at least once per year, not to have had diseases as hepatitis, TB, syphilis, malaria, epilepsy, ulcer , diabetes, heart diseases, blood pressure over 180mmHg , skin diseases, not to have had a serious afection two weeks before the donation.