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Temperance = Wellness

Temperance = Health

The program consists of placing a stand with three health book titles in a public space, in partnership with the public institution where the stand is located.
The purpose of this project is to make known the importance of food, lifestyle and the need for an urgent health reform among the Romanian population.
This program is for rural and urban areas.
For rural areas and in partnership with public institutions, the bookstore can be located in the mayoralties and schools.
For urban areas, through partnerships with public institutions, stands can be located in areas such as: mayors, schools, courts of law, hospitals, polyclinics, social assistance, unemployment, pensions, finance, taxes.
By running this program, we want to be present, we want to be at the disposal of the citizens, thus giving them the possibility that while going to solve their own problems with the Romanian public institutions, to have the possibility to take a book of the three of their choice, free of charge. In this way, every interested citizen can have the opportunity to know the principles of a healthy lifestyle.
We offer to the citizens three titlesfree of charge:
– Lifestyle tablets
– Be smart! Eat healthy
– Steps to the ideal diet

We want to extend this program to other areas of the country.
To expand this program, at this point we need to purchase over 3000 books, 1000 of each of the titles listed above.