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Medical Center – Physiotherapy, Kinetotherapy, Rheumatology

Through the Social, Medical and Educational Center project, we want to support those who need help by offering social, medical and educational services other than those we are used to.

A very important first step is the establishment of the Medical Center.
In the Medical Center the strong point will be friendly environment, modern technology, compassion, and last but not least, professionalism.

The Medical Center will be located on an area of 5000 square meters with 50 parking spaces. The configuration of the building allows the provision of medical services for adults and children, young and old (all categories of persons), thus providing medical services on a total area of 645,64 sq m, out of which 98,41 sq m is reserved exclusively for medical services for children.

Like the focus of the center, we are talking about establishing the diagnosis and applying the procedures for recovering of the patients.We will address not only those who need recovery but also those who want to adopt a proper lifestyle.
We propose to make available to those interested (children and adults) the following branches of medical rehabilitation: physiotherapy, kinetotherapy – hydrokinetotherapy, rheumatology.
For a more efficient recovery we want to bring an indispensable element, namely ** NATURE **. The site where the center will be based will be in Bucovat, Dolj county, in a campus with a total area of approx. 3,0 hectares, surrounded by forest with an area of over 2000 hectares.

“Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.”