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Social Center – Medical and Educational

The Social – Medical and Educational Center – is a project through which we want to contribute with educational, medical and social services, new concepts, ideas and practices, other than those we are used to.

The Social – Medical and Educational Center will be made up of 3 buildings:
Children’s Social Center will work in a “After School” system:
A program dedicated to a after school children’s education, in an appropriate environment, with qualified staff. The goal we want to achieve is personal and character development.
Physical therapywill work in a private system but also in a contractual relationship with C.A.S. (Health Insurance House): For a more efficient recovery, we bring this very indispensable element, “nature”. Within this recovery center, both the adults and the children will benefit from medical services and recovery.
Hospital: The culmination of this project is to provide medical services through a hospital system, with at least 5 departments (Internal Medicine, Oncology, Pediatrics, Maternity – Neonatology, Nutrition Diseases). The operation of the hospital will be a private one, but also in contractual relations with C.A.S. (Health Insurance House).
The location where this Social-Medical and Educational Center will be founded, is located in Bucovat, Dolj county (near Craiova, at about 10 km), on a land with an area of approx. 8.5 hectares, surrounded by forest, with an area of over 2000 hectares.