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We think that a better world for all is feasible and that we can to get our hands.

You do not need much from few, but at least a lot. We believe that their own happiness is less important than the happiness of those around us created.
We declare the “march” to work for them, putting our grain and helping others find the best way to help those around them.

Together we can create a world, a better life.

The projects developed by the Association of Hope Donate focus on the following areas:
  1. Promoting the “blood donation”
  2. Campaigning for “blood donation”.
  3. Awareness of what people in Romania in the need for blood.
  4. Promoting healthy diets.
  5. Promoting fair practices in adopting a proper lifestyle.
  6. Educating children and young people in order to reduce abuses in what concerns: medicines, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, overeating, etc.
  7. Promote “reading” books with quality content especially for young people in society and beyond.
  8. Entries from Clubs Cooking, Health, Family, etc.
  9. Establishment of a hospital complex to promote healthy all concepts related to health, nutrition, lifestyle, oriented to all people in society, regardless of culture, religion, education or financial situation.

Blood is the only drug in the world that can not be found in pharmacies. It can be purchased only by courtesy of our fellow men, willing to donate blood voluntarily. It is a simple gesture that can save a person’s life. Find out how you can donate here.

This is a program to children in foster care with disabilities in Craiova, approx. 70 children at school and in the holidays are about. 30. We want to give children through this program especially love and affection, the possibility of socializing among other things they need. Learn how you can participate here.

This is an innovative program because I got free to use an area of approx. 8 sq m in a rented to someone, we wanted to do something new, to make a library in which to present approx. 96 cards with different titles for children, youth and adults. This program enables everyone who enters that space to choose a book that I would love to read, take it for free. Learn more here.