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Physical persons


How do you transfer 2% from the income tax ?

1. Fill in the Form 230 ( in in 2013 you had income only from wages) or the Form 200 ( if you had another incomes –from wages or independent activitiesor only from independent activities ) .

2. Send the Form to the Financial Administration you belong until 25 of May current year:the Form can be lay down or it can be send by mail service as registered letter ( receival confirmation).


1. This sum is not a donation or sponsorship and it does not cost you a thing. In the case you do not transfer the money this 2% remains to the state.

2. The addresses of these Administrations can be checked on ANAF.

3. If you want to support our cause even more, you can gather forms from the people you work with, friends, family and tells us. A volunteer will come to your headquarter to pick up the forms and we will send them to those Administrations.

4. Individual sums are not huge, but gathered can mean a lot to save lives.

Download the Form 230 Download the Form 200