The Time “The Forgotten Law”



“One can fill its rooms with precious and pleasant goods by science.”

For mind, soul and body, the LAW given by God is this : the strength is the result of the efforts. The exercise develops. In harmony with this law, God took care that in His word to be means of mental and spiritual emancipation.
Through the diversity of styles and subjects, the Bible has got something to attract the interest of each mind and call each heart. In her pages, there is the oldest history, the most real biographies, principles of gouverning a state, financial administration- which have never been achieved by the human mind. She contains the deepest philosophy, the most delicate and permanent poetry, the most accurate and integrative passion. The biblical writings are superior to all human masterpieces, despite the controversies; but when they are connected with the central thought, they have the highest horizon.

From the light of this idea, each subject acquiers a new signification.There are principles in the simple truth told , the mark of heaven and eternity. ( pages 110,112 )

(Education, page: 110,112)

The Time of “Love”

The rational base of true love. Love is a feeling so sacred so few people know it. It is used but misunderstood. There is not love or concept neither the flame or the passion. The true love has got a rational base on knowing the person one loves. But this personal storm built on feelings and thoughts is irrational, fragile, strong, short and sensual.
Don`t forget that love what comes from the impuls is totally blind. It concerns childish thoughts. Order this love to cease, to freeze. Instead, meditate. Can you be proud of the chosen one, when you think of intelligence, moral values, behavior and manners in fron of your family? Can you recognize in society and anywhere that she is the your chosen whose manners, presence and communication will fulfill your dreams?
(“Testimonies about sexual behaviour, adultery and divorce”, pages 13,14)


The true values of The Authentic Love have been forgotten, neglected in our society.

This is the main reason why we decided to make a time for the frame values to start a good, friendly relantionship that leads to marriage.

The Time of “Health”

Willing to admit the importance of health, we decided to do something with our hands to remind and remember in each moment of the day about health, food, lifestyle- the Time of Health.

We shall present below each part.

Ceas_ fructe
“It would be better for us to cook less and eat fruits as they are. We should teach people to eat many fresh grapes, apples, pears, peaches and other fruits. They can be made for the winter by preservation using bottles of glass, instead of metal cans. Fruit are an excellent food, saving from the cooking time.
(“Diet and food”, page: 274)

“Thousands of people destroys their body tying to be healthy with vitamins and minerals supliments not knowing about the hidden danger. The best source to obtain these micronutrients is the food. Natural food is full with vitamins and minerals in quantities and structures that allow the body to choose what they need.”
(“Tablets of life style” pages: 141,142)

Ceas_New Start
“The program New Start contains basic principals for a healthy life. N- (Nutrition)– Feed your body with healthy food rich in fibres and nutrients. E- (Physical Exercise)– Fortify your body and develop your ability to enjoy life , doing physical exercises outside. W-(Water-Refresh) yourself with a hot and cold shower in the morning and clean your body with 6-8 glasses of water per day. S- (Sun- Escape) of courtains and let the sun coming in to your house.
T- (Temperance)– Have a normal life. Have time for work, play and hobbies. Socialize and don`t neglect your spiritual growth. A- (Air- Refresh) your house every day. Sleep in a clean room. R- (Rest- Sleep) 7-8 hours per night. Go to bed early, and wake up early and strong. T- (Trust) in God- A life full of meaning and joys means spiritual growth. Love, faith , trust and hope increase health and bring everlasting blessings. Despite the technology of the comfortable life, including medical and treating diseases , the decline of strength and will is dangerous. Our artificial civilizations encourages evil habits that destroy healthy principles. The habit and the fashion are in war with nature. The current actions and tolerance diminish constantly the psychical and physical strength and are a burden for the humankind. The injustice and the crime, the sickness and the misery are everywhere. Wrong dietary habits about eating and drinking are mainly responsible for incompetence, crimes and unjustices that are a courst in the world.
The moral virtue depends of the right path of mind and body.”
(“Tablets of life style” , summary.)
(“Diet and Food”, page: 394)

Ceas_Consuma mai putin
Tabaco-the most fearful drug in the world. It is good to know that smoking is a real threat towards public health. Alcohol: False refreshing. It looks , tastes and are sold like the refreshing. But all the similarities stops here..This drink, alcohol contains a huge number of calories. Coffee-Does it really energizes? Every day nine of ten people use drugs stimulating the brain without recepy and from every store. It is about a common substance called caffeine. Sugar-the true average. In Romania, a man, woman or child eats 60 kilograms of sugar per year. The most part of the sugar is hidden in juices, sweets, prepared cereals . Meat-Looking the true food ! Actually, true food for true people! What attiring idea! What fake and unreal promise ! Fat-why do people talk about fat? It is free an enemy that affects and kills more people than tha wars every year. Its name? The fat from food! Salt: Is it possible to lose? Romanians use salt 20 times more than the necessary. And the price is high blood pressure, heart attack and other problems related to water retention. Cholesterol; down counting: refreshing juices, carbonated juices. How can something responsible for sexual hormons, building strong bones, reducing the stress, reduce the oxygen and damage the organs and cells? The cholesterol is a hero and a terminator.
Even if, we can live without it, it can kill us in big quantities.”
(“Tablets of lifestyle”, pages: 103,120,128,136,187,191,195)

Ceas_Oamenii & Sanatatea
“Disobeying willingly the interior laws means disobeying God. The pain, the loneliness present everywhere, genetical mutations, mental illnesses, sickness and stupidity have conquered this world instead of God`s intentions a hospital for infectious diseases and these from the current generation are weak mentally, moraly and physicaly. All this misery gathered from a generation to another because the man wanted to disobey the laws of God. The sins made with pride are tolerated by a mutant appetite. The selfish freedom in what we eat, drink, sleep or see is a sin. The natural healthy mixture of all powers of body and mind has got the result the happiness, and praising and developing these virtues gives a cleaner and more pure happiness.”
(“Diet and food” page. 35)

Ceas_Consuma mai mult
“Choose affordable and nutrient food to achieve the goal. Try to make dishes less expensive from cereals and fruit. All these are given by God in its generosity to cover our needs. Health is not given by expensive products. We can have a good health from fruit, cereals and vegetables. The main ingredients will be, fruit, cereals and nuts, also vegetables. There are many things to take in considerations. The cropes of the earth shoud be transformed in affordable healthy food. ”
(“Diet and food”, pages: 339,240)

Ceas_ Stres
Stress in involved in all present medical problems, heart attack, high blood tension, ulcer, colites, headache and backache. A few suggestions to avoid the stress are on the space of the time.”
(“Tablets of life style”, page: 145)

“Vegetarians appear every day. Considered fanatics or vintage hippie, they are respected. The world thinks that they are healthier and the benefits of their diet are more and more obvious.”
(“Tablets of life style”, page: 159)
Ceas_ legume-leguminoase