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Love me – Chronology

In brief we try to present the purpose and vision of the program “Love me” because if we were to present the details, I did not have enough space.

Love Me program began in July 2014 and ran until today, by going at poor children on every Saturday and / or Sunday (in Murgaşi and Craiova).

It runs various activities with these children: their ages related activities in order to integrate socialize, to make friends, etc. to adopt healthy habits, to borrow values, correct lifestyle, knowledge and habits of different backgrounds and corresponding families constituting a useful and pleasant environment for themselves and for those who are around them.

December 1, 2014 (the National Day of Romania)

And we can do things that others do with great pride. On December 1 we were able to sing the anthem of Romania to speak from memory patriotic words and lyrics. We enjoyed very much because I made this celebration with children from Adventist Kindergarten  – Craiova,  accompanied by their parents and teachers. There were moments hell, we enjoyed telling and listening to poetry and of course we played together.



This is an excerpt from our lives (09/29/2014) I have been to visit them on these “little ones”, we are with them in the school yard and talk, hug, socialize, learn many workers and of course the play. The game is about our childhood.


On 23/08/2014, for a few hours in Romanescu Park we recreated,  we played, we used the most places for children. In the evening when I returned home I was happy and full of energy. Day 23 was a day when I was able to breathe a lot cleaner than the air we breathe normally.