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Juridical person

How can you help as juridical person
  • Download the form of sponsorship
  • Fill in with the data of the enterprises and contact us.
  • Send the contract in via internet (doc,docx) at the e-mail: ads_egb@hotmail.com
  • We will print the contract in two copies , sign and seal with the stamp and then we will send the contract by mail service/mail at the known address.
  • We ask you to return one of the copy signed and sealed.
Download sponsorship contract

Tax information:

Download sponsorship contract

You can estimate the profit of the society during the current financial year (starting with the tax income calculated on the first three quarters and estimating the tax income at the fourth quarter) also the sum of business of this year.
Technically, if the sum is in the limits recognized by the Fiscal Code (20% on the tax income by profit, maximum 0.5%) it is deducted from the tax income. The difference of 80% of the owned tax income will be transfered to the state budget, at the dead line given by the law.

One does not apply a tax income of 16% to sponsorship even if it is an undeductable expense.If it is in the limits of the Fiscal Code (it should not be bigger tham 0.5% from CA and 20% from the tax income).
The tax income by profit of any company can have the following distributionaccording to the Fiscal Code 227/2015, Art. 25, cap. 4, i:

“ The tax payers who do sponsorships and / or patronage according to the Law provisions no.32/1997 concerning the sponsorship, with the recent modifications and the Law of the Library no.334/2002, republished with the extra modifications and additions, also those who give private scholarships, according to the law, take from the tax made by the due profit the related sums if the sum of all the expenses respects in total the following conditions:

It is in the limit of 0.5% from the total business.
It does not pass more than 20% from the tax made by the due profit.

One can find the activity of the accounting of sponsorships actions by giving cash or banking transfer at this link “ banking account extract”.