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Everything began in the autumn of 2011, when I met an unknown world full of needs. I was a common donor apparently thinking of the hopeless ones. I discovered the urgent and permanent need of blood in a discussion with the members of the Center of Blood Transfusion from Craiova and then, I found out stunning that in a city having a population over 245.000 inhabitants as Craiova, the average rate of donors per day is 45-50 persons. “It is impossible” I said to myself, worried of the human lack of sensibility towards those in need.

I thought that religious people could be more sensitive. Then I wanted to imply my friends from christian churches. I began with the Seventh Day Adventist Church from Craiova in an action with unknown end.

So the first action began in 14 November 2014 after a previous presentation “Donate Blood-each drop of blood means a smile”. The medical criteria communicated by our partners from the Center of Blood Transfusion-Craiova elected 58 donors from 121 persons.