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Heart Library Chronology

“Heart Library”

The program becomes a reality on October 12, 2014, everything is ready, the floor is laid, the furniture is already assembled, the books are placed on the shelves.

It is a full day of activity, a full day of emotions because we do not know how those who will come here will react when they will have to choose their own preferred gift (a book).

We must admit that it is not easy to sit in front of shelves with about 96 different gifts (books). People who are going to visit the place located in Craiova on the street of Central Market from the Fraţii Goleşti street (taxi station) on the right side of the street (Insurance Office) are surprised that there can find free books about Health, Food, Lifestyle, Education, General Culture, Social Relations, Family, Young-Teens, Children, Spirituality. These free books are available to all who access that place and want to read something special and quite different, whatever nature and value.

Only one month after the start of this program, we were surprised to notice that about 160 books are offered free of charge to those interested.