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We challenge you to join the team  of the Society  “ Donate Hope EGB”  because we are conviced that  the principle we approach works the best

“ Not more from a lot of people, but less from many.”

If in your hands were the power to save a life, would you do it ?


Donate life

“You can do this when you decide to donate a drop of your blood for the well of the others.”

Donate hope

“You can lose absolutely everything , if you keep the hope of being happy , there are others that lose the hope, you can help them by staying near them, hugging them,  love them. In this way you help them recover their hope .” Don’t forget: When you lose hope, you lose everything.

Donate from your time

“Accomplishing a project  there is an ingredient  , this can not be missing, there is need of volunteers. To do everything  good,  you must  offer from you time to the others.  What can make you happier than offering yourself , volunteer work, at the end of the day all you have is the feeling of o good deed, that helps others.”

Donate from your finances

“Doing the projects, the development of theactivities of the  society  depends in great measure of  the financial situation of the society. At this chapter, every person can participate even if  he/she/ it is physical, juridical, PFA,  plant, or civilian society of notary.”

Great things can be done without taking out  from our pocket some extra money. We can sustain the activity of the society , the projects without too many  efforts , if we keep in mind the following  advices:

The physical persons can sustain the activity of the society giving little from their budget using the method of direct debit or easier transfering 2%  of the income tax or rental tax that they pay to the Romanian State. More pieces of information are here:

Debit Direct

It’s a simple, convenient and highly effective for both the sponsor and the receiver, for details see here:

Customer support and they work, the association projects without any additional financial effort, making just a gesture, to divert 20% of the tax firm he runs – according to Law. Basically instead of paying 100% Romanian state tax a year, paying for only 80% and the remaining 20% is redirected to the association. For more details, and to download the sponsorship contract accessed  here.

These categories can make them sponsorships under the Tax Code in the limit of 5% of net income determined in accordance with the law. Bags for more details and to download the sponsorship contract, please click here

It is the simplest method and available to all, so simple to take the phone and send a simple SMS. 

It is a simple and handy all, you just need to have Internet Banking.