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Direct debit

Donations, sponsorships by Direct debit

The direct debit for social causes is the same as the one used  for paying your  banking rate or bills (electricity, heat).

If you want to sustain on longer terms an organization, all you have to do is to   ask the bank to transfer the sum established by you  monthly  (for instance , when you get payed) . You can cease the donation when you are not able to do or you do not want anymore.

Direct debit is a simple and free way  ( the banks do not perceive comissions to the donor for the sum delivered by  direct debit )  and it has got the principal advantage of  maintening an organization: small sums received from constant donors  can offer services   on longer terms.

Banking Accounts:

RO95 BACX 0000 0009 8596 5001  RON

RO68 BACX 0000 0009 8596 5002  EURO

RO41 BACX 0000 0009 8596 5003  USD


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