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Medical Center – Hospital

All started with a handful of people who served those in need, while they replaced the obligation with love.
Then came a moment when they realized that more should be done. Starting that day, they began to dream and so the idea of an NGO emerged and in 2014 The Donate Hope Association was established.
In our dream we know that just through simple gestures of kindness, people’s destinies, are beautifully outlined and positively influenced. It’s a beautiful project and we believe in it, but we are aware that it can become reality only with the help of people like you.
Together with you, we know we can build the first Romanian hospital with a humanitarian foundation, created by unity and sacrifice; A People’s Hospital, Created by People for People.

The salons will be provided with hotel regime of up to two and one-bed per room.
– Maternity
– Cardiology
– Gastroenterology
– Diseases of nutrition
– Internal Medicine
– Pediatrics
– Neurology
– Oncology (prevention and post-surgery)
– UPU – The Emergency Receiving Unit
– ATI – Anesthesia and Intensive Therapy

This whole assemblage will be placed in the middle of “nature” surrounded by forest, clean air, quiet in the direct beating of the sun.

“We needed a dream to meet the reality”