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Each drop of blood means a smile!

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What can be more pretious than giving yourself to those around you implying in their life and their needs, what can be more important than being with those in suffering.

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Who are we

The society “Donate Hope” EGB in a non –gouvernamental society, that was founded in the year 2014 , aiming to help the community. The idea to found a non-profit society which gather volunteers of all ages , came alive since the beginning of the year 2011. Read more

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Ultimile noutăți

  “One can fill its rooms with precious and pleasant goods by science.” For mind, soul and body, the LAW given by God is this : the strength is the result of the efforts. The exercise develops. In harmony with this law, God took care that in His word to be means of mental and spiritual emancipation. Through the diversity of styles and subjects, the Bible has got something to attract the interest of each mind and call each heart. … read more

The rational base of true love. Love is a feeling so sacred so few people know it. It is used but misunderstood. There is not love or concept neither the flame or the passion. The true love has got a rational base on knowing the person one loves. But this personal storm built on feelings and thoughts is irrational, fragile, strong, short and sensual. Don`t forget that love what comes from the impuls is totally blind. It concerns childish thoughts. … read more

Willing to admit the importance of health, we decided to do something with our hands to remind and remember in each moment of the day about health, food, lifestyle- the Time of Health. We shall present below each part.